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Steve’s wealth of managerial experience, inherent understanding and dependable high standards of service have enabled SSM’s clients to seek his advice across a wide range of business queries.

Whether you are facing challenging employment costs, or require consultation over new business opportunities, SSM has powerful tools that will help you gain the insight you need to make the right choice.

Statutory accounts for companies and limited liability partnerships

SSM uses Iris Accounts Production software to produce financial statements, which are constantly updated with the latest Companies Acts and Accounting Standards. Iris enables accounts to be submitted on-line and in iXBRL, the format required by Companies House and HMRC.

Personal and corporate tax returns

Iris Business Tax software allows integration with Iris Accounts Production to produce corporate tax computations and returns that are always up to date with the latest finance acts, which can be submitted online to HMRC.

Iris Personal Tax software enables production of personal tax returns and easy to read tax computations with implicit detail for ease of explanation. Iris P11d allows reporting of Benefits in Kind to be submitted online and integrates with Iris Personal Tax.

Company formation and secretarial

The use of Iris software allows companies to be formed and for all secretarial issues to be attended to. These modules also integrate with Iris Accounts Production. Annual returns can be completed within minutes and submitted online.

Management accounts

SSM was built upon the production of management accounts. The most commonly used accounting software among SSM’s clients is Sage 50 accounts. SSM is a Sage Accountants Club member with Priority Line access to their help desk.

SSM uses client generated accounts data and an ODBC link into Microsoft Excel, from which files can be manipulated into whatever format required. Adjustments can be made to figures that can then be adjusted in the client’s in house accounting data where appropriate.

At year-end the accounting data can be seamlessly transferred to Iris to allow for all statutory reporting (see above). SSM can also import data from software packages other than Sage.


Where transactions are low and in cases where the client prefers a further level of confidentiality, SSM can provide bookkeeping services either using Sage 50 Accounts or an Excel cashbook that feeds directly into a management accounts template.


VAT returns are usually prepared using Sage or other client software, but can also be done separately via web filing using the HMRC website.


SSM has a payroll bureau that uses Sage payroll for weekly and monthly payroll and reports Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC.

Business Forecasts and cash flows

At the beginning of each year Forecasts can be produced that are measured against actual performance. Rolling forecasts are produced substituting forecast figures with actuals and revised forecasts in the light of new information.

Wealth monitoring for high value individuals

The use of transactional reporting and integration into flexible reporting models allows SSM’s systems to be essential tools for high value clients to monitor their wealth.

Business advice

Having clear and in depth knowledge of client’s affairs enables SSM to provide informed business advice. Clients have direct telephone access, are not required to pay for calls and will normally have access to face-to-face meetings with Steve either monthly or quarterly.


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